Wednesday, January 22, 2020

What Are Ethics? Essay -- Ethics in Decision Making

The word â€Å"ethics† is connected intrinsically with questions of correct conduct within society. The word â€Å"ethics† comes from the Greek â€Å"ethos† meaning â€Å"character† which indicates a concern for virtuous people, reliable character and proper conduct. The term â€Å"morality† is derived from â€Å"mores† or custom — the rules of conduct of a group or society. An initial definition of ethics, then, is the analysis, evaluation, and promotion of correct conduct and/or good character, according to the best available standards. Ethics asks what we should do in some circumstance, or what we should do as participants in some form of activity or profession. Ethics is not limited to the acts of a single person. Ethics is also interested in the correct practices of governments, corporations, professionals and many other groups. To these issues, ethics seeks a reasoned, principled, position. An appeal to existing practice or the command of a powerful leader is not sufficient. To answer such questions in a consistent, reasoned manner may take us far a-field. Some ethical questions will require reflection o...

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