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Business Rationale For Diversity Management Free Sample

Question: Discuss about the Business Rationale for Diversity Management. Answer: Introduction CERA is a company that is working on large scale across the world. the report examines the importance of diversity management at CERA and describes the relevancy of diversity at the workplace. It has to inculcate a culture of diversity management while organizing the business. It should promote the culture in a way that everyone can see the reflection of diversity in their culture and the process. CERA has been working till now on an old model of HR recruitment but there is a necessity to keep doors opened for people from different background in order to attain cultural diversity. CERA has an issur Role of Diversity management at CERA It is recommended to incorporate principles of diversity management at the workplace in order to highlight all the important aspects of human resource management. The different aspect of diversity management is selection, recruitment, performance appraisal, training and development. Organizations need to show a commitment towards diversity and should try to integrate flexible working condition for the employees in order to attain balance at work. Moreover workplace diversity management helps in building s strong relationship with the community that helpsin enhancing the overall productivity. This process helps in improving the quality of programs and delivers an efficient service and product (Bassett?Jones, 2005). CERA has to inculcate a culture of diversity management while organizing the business. It should promote the culture in a way that everyone can see the reflection of diversity in their culture and the process. Success of the organization depends upon the ability to adopt di versity and to realize their benefits (Egan Bendick, 2008). In order to ensure selection of diverse pool of talent it is advised to improve the HR policies which will create ample of opportunities. The HR manager should ensure recruitment of efficient candidates from the diverse pool of people through practicing diversity management at workplace (Curtis Dreachslin, 2008). Choosing people out from a diverse pool will increase overall productivity. Moreover diversity management while recruitment and selection is not a difficult task. Reviewing HR policies timely as per the global competitive environment is suggested I order to attain objectives. It is essential to notice that a broader diversity management will help in broadening the choice. A well-managed recruitment program will help in absorbing the best candidates. This will ensure that a pool of right people is chosen to accomplish the objectives of the organization (Cooke Saini, 2010). Current Issues related to diversity management Diversity management focus on assembling values of t he organization and practice strategy to develop vision and organizational strategy pertaining to the requirements. Diversity management includes equal employment opportunity for every individual at workplace. This will ensure incorporating people with a different perspective and background to work under one roof. CERA needs to develop the policies focusing on promoting diversity management (Vertovec Wessendorf, 2010). It needs to develop compliance oriented approach in order to promote diversity at workplace. The people of the organization are source of strength and competitive advantage. Diversity management has multiple impacts on the organization while considering the difficulties faced at different level. This will help in providing a competitive advantage to CERA by keeping doors opened for people from different background. This process will help in adapting effective planning at workplace. This will moreover help in improvi ng innovative practice at workplace which will enhance the overall productivity. This will help in ensuring effective balance in between the desired culture and objective results. Most of the organizations are disregarding the importance of diversity at the workplace. This has however caused a stagnant growth for those organizations to include a diverse environment at workplace (Labelle, Gargouri Francoeur, 2010). CERA has to develop a cohesive environment that provides an opportunity for the growth by pushing various different aspects. Diversity management is correlated with the success of the organization in multiple ways which involve various cultural backgrounds (Rice, 2010). Business Rationale Argument for diversity management Multiculturalism is a part of diverse working environment with people from different walk of life. The diversity management looks upon the issues at multiple levels while positioning the strategic, managerial and operational functions. This practice can only be motivated if an organization imbibes these functions in their culture. There should be a proper coordination in between the senior and lower level of management in order to synchronize information. Senior level executives are given responsibility to handle the multi cultural environment. This will help in enhancing the scope of the organization. CERA has to promote a multi-cultural environment by reviewing the HR plan ( Martn-Alczar, Romero-Fernndez Snchez-Gardey,2012). Conventional HR policies will only land up to troubles. This practice need to be achieved through developing a cohesive environment. Diversified teams at workplace will help in managing the critical issues in an easy manner. They allow a better understanding o f the issues in order to develop a multi cultural environment. Researchers have acknowledged that a multicultural environment helps in overcoming the loopholes in the organization. This provides with an insight to convert dreams into reality. CERA has to face a challenge to promote a multi cultural environment in order to seek effective result .International presence of the brand has initiated a multi cultural environment. This has created a sense of cultural awareness among employees to think with a different perspective. They are being exposed to different ideas and points and can create a workforce with a large social network group and helps in increasing the business base (Mujtaba, 2007). Current Beneficiaries of diversity management at CERA An organizational success and competitiveness depends upon the ability of the organization to embrace diversity by realizing the benefits. All those organizations that are handling the diversity issues at the workplace are developed according to the necessity. The beneficiary of Diversity management is the organization who gets an opportunity to expand business opportunity due to a multi cultural environment. A company that encourages diversity management helps in inspiring the other employees in an organization. This will provide an opportunity to handle diverse workplace issues. This will help in implementing the plans carefully (Need, 2006). Diversity management will help in providing a broad range of skills and experience to the organization that will help in providing a diverse range of customer based services. A diverse environment will benefit the organization by considering the variety of viewpoints given by individual employee while framing the business polices. This will ensure meeting out the business strategies while expanding the various opportunities. Workplace diversity is beneficial for both employee and the organization. It increases the market opportunity, recruitment and creativity and helps in meeting difficult task (Kossek, Lobel Brown, 2006). Diversity management helps in creating a flexible business environment in order to achieve the desired results. Flexibility and creativity at workplace will help in managing the issues in an effective manner. Moreover it will help in managing the issues occurring at a different level of an organization. This will led to recognition of various issues that occurs a t different level. CERA needs to initiate further in order to seek benefit of diversity at workplace while creating a diversified environment (Pitts, 2009). Human resource planning and business strategy at CERA Human resource is an important part of a successful business while focusing on business strategy. Managers understand the importance of well-trained staff in order to motivate the other employees. Successful HR departments have understood the importance of keeping efficient employees that will help in attaining goals. Business managers are responsible to communicate idea of the business to the subordinates. Diversity need to be handled in an effective manner to achieve success for attaining long term goals. Majority of business organizations has realized importance of diversity management at the workplace due to increasing complication in business. Majority of the business organization across the world are seeking opportunities to resolve the complications. CERA by far has been following the old procedure of recruiting human resource personnel. Incorporating new practices will enhance the growth opportunity. The changes taking place in the organization needs to be addressed in a mann er that is necessary in developing the strength (Henry Evans, 2007). CERA is currently operating in different countries with a diversified working environment. Under such a situation it is suggested that CERA should make its policies accordingly so that they can seek a competitive advantage against other. Business strategies need to be made keeping in mind the recruitment structure. An organization with a dynamic workforce works more efficiently when compared to other. CERA however has incorporated a multi-cultural workforce but it is advised to organize more people in order to attain growth (Wrench, 2016). Role of stakeholders in Selection Procedure It is necessary to give proper representation to the minority while managing diversity Stakeholders in todays business scenario play a significant role in todays competitive world. Stakeholder management and consultation has become increasingly prevalent in todays business scenario. Stakeholders consultation plays an important role in accomplishing corporate social responsibility. It is seen that business that engages everyone around is able to make a consistent performance. Stakeholder consultation is important for putting a positive effect on an organization recruitment process. This helps in building positive relationships in order to shape a positive job profile. It is essential for a business organization to address competing interest or differing priorities in order to shape the priorities. This will help in acknowledge the expectation in order to achieve desired result. Gaining valuable insight and information helps stakeholders in achieving distinguished goals. It provides a fountain of valuable experience, insight and knowledge to recruit with a vision to achieve daunting goals. This helps in facilitating successful candidates to the organization and promotes robots stakeholders engagement that will help in achieving desired goals (Foster Harris,2005). Recommendations (Application of policies) Below mentioned are the necessary recommendations that are suggested to Mark French according to the present HRM policies and the role of diversity management at workplace. It is advised to CERA to employ people from every background in order to attain unrealistic goals. For achieving a sustainable growth it is advised to incorporate systematic changes in overall recruitment and selection procedure which will help in establishing an effective work environment. Diversity for an organization proves to be one-size-fits all option. Firstly it is suggested to involve every individual in the organization to take the responsibility of diversity. Top management to bottom management should take responsibility to manage diversity at workplace. Diversity management is all together a complex issue needs to be resolved in a simple manner to avoid future disputes (Barak, 2013). CERA should measure progress towards achieving diversity at the workplace through managing realistic goals by developing metrics. Comparing the standard and actual outcome will help in assimilating desired result within a required time-period. CERA is advised to measure all the goals on a desired parameter set by the management previously. Assemble your resources CERA need to put all the fiscal and human resources at place in order to incorporate the policies in the organization while changing all the necessary functioning. Company need to start planning from the ground level in order to practice diversity management. Incorporating diversity management is a tough task for an organization at an initial level but managing everything in a systematic arrangement will help the organization to achieve sustainable result (Konrad, Prasad Pringle, 2005). Set up a system System is necessary to be prepared in advance in order to promote diversity. Talent acquisition is about attracting the best out of a pool of people. Once the requirement are set it is simple to choose the most efficient person for the desired post. This will enable a multi-culture environment at the workplace. Educate Educating everyone about the role of diversity at workplace will help in processing necessary goals. It is necessary for an organization to provide proper information to the employees about the role of diversity in order to achieve desired result in the given time frame. Training is necessary to imbibe culture of the organization within employees (Pitts Wise, 2010). Demonstrate support from top management It is necessary to initiate support from the top level management in order to articulate business function. Diversity represents the cultural value of an organization where everyone is treated equally irrespective of the place where they come from. Following abovementioned policies will help in incorporating a favorable environment at the workplace which will provide a sustainable environment. It is advised to decide in advance the procedure through which the vacant position would be filed. The current vacant positions are related to senior engineer and graduate engineer. Firstly it is necessary to shortlist the candidates out of the received application. The position need to be fulfilled as per the required qualification. It is recommended to the HR manager to short list the most appropriate application and to initiate the interview process. All the shortlisted candidates need to be invited for a formal written and personal interview in order to judge their knowledge. Out of the chosen candidates a final round of interview need to carried in order to ensure the best candidate. Offer letter is given to the candidate who is chosen by the interviewer. Finally the Chosen candidate is asked to give final confirmation about the job which he has opted. It is necessary to seek all proper information in advance (Harvey Allard, 2015). HRM is all about keeping systematic information about filing the right place in the organization. An organization can only achieve success if it recruitment team is already well-trained. In todays competitive scenario this has become evident to recruit the best employees. CERA has to involve a diversified workforce in order to attain desired result. Assembling people from a different cultural background is necessary for attaining differential results. This has become important foot every organization around the world to include efficient workforce in order to access maximum result (Aytemiz Seymen, 2006). Advice of friends and colleagues are taken serious by maximum number of people while making employment decision. Most of the decision made b the young generation is affected by the peer and surroundings. A career option according to them depends upon moment of choice. They are particularly opting for those career options which are advised to them by their friends. In a competitive at mosphere the decision related to career options are widely affected due to numerous career options. However it has become important that the external influence for a person is causing a huge amount of pressure while guaranteeing successful career. It is affecting their mental status and providing them with an insight to make a futuristic decision (Shen, Chanda, D'netto Monga, 2009). Conclusion It is advice to CERA that they should focus on determining the relevant standard to the organization while improvising the selection procedure. Diversity is much broader than what it is considered by the organization. Human resource needs to promote broad range of policies not only in recruiting diverse workforce but to implement effective procedure. This is necessary for an organization to implement the efficient policies in the organization so that CERA can perform extraordinary by acquiring a pool of efficient workers around the world. Diverse workforce helps in achieving desired results which will help it in receiving long term growth. There is a necessity to implement selection process that understands individual differences. Every individual has a different sort of mindset and it is very important for an individual to ally all the activities to recruit the best out of all. The report is related to implication of diversity management at CERA and the studies relevant manner to at tain goals. The company has been focusing on incorporating diversified human resource in order to attain sustainability. CERA can perform extraordinary by acquiring a pool of efficient workers around the world. They have to frame systematic policies in order to achieve desired result. References Aytemiz Seymen, O. (2006). 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