Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Naive Mentality of the West Essays

The Naive Mentality of the West Essays The Naive Mentality of the West Essay The Naive Mentality of the West Essay Throughout the past decade, the Arab world endured the most dreadful situations, specifically the Middle East. The consequences that resulted from the wars and terrorist attacks in the area, portrayed a negative image on the Arab families in general. Media speculations and misleading stories that segregate the Arab families from ones of different ethnicity has become a major complication for Arabs on different levels. Relocating families certainly face a harsh time but those of an Arab origin await an unlike experience. Ever since the crisis struck the region, migrating families started undergoing incomparable mistreatment. Arab Muslim families that moved to the United States were mostly affected due to the propaganda that the media had engraved in the minds of the citizens. Many Americans only needed a look at the clothing of a person to start their discrimination process. From then on everything goes downhill. â€Å"The terrorist attacks of September 11th not only brought Arabs to public attention, but also put them at risk and in danger of discrimination and prejudice. Hate crimes targeting Muslims increased by 1600% from 2000 to 2001 (, 2002). Hate crimes against people of Middle Eastern origin or descent increased from 354 attacks in 2000 to 1501 attacks in 2001 (Oswald)†.(Isra 2012) Along with those complications many families were harassed each member in a different way. The man in the family is looked down upon at his work and he encounters a decrease in earnings. Muslim women were distinguished due to their â€Å"Hijab† which instantly revealed their ethnicity. â€Å"The Muslim women in Chicago reported having their headscarves pulled off their heads and being spat at on the street†. (Isra 2012). The Arab children had a feeling of inferiority at schools and loneliness. The language barrier and diverse cultural education made it hard for them to adapt with the circumstances and moreover the bullying they went through. Were

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